Jordan Montgomery

Founded: 23rd May 2020 by Jordan Montgomery (JMWForecast Limited).

The Kart Directory was designed and created to house important links and information for the karting industry. We continue to accept new submissions to the website. This not only helping ourselves stand out in a crowded market, but ensuring the business gets the relevant space to direct people to their services.

Along with bringing a dedicated platform to host a wealth of information, we are now working very closely with Shenington Kart Racing Club, to help JMWForecast Limited in the goal to achieve the UK’s Number 1 Motorsport Weather Forecaster. Shenington will be the first kart circuit to host a weather station, capable off providing weather information to our platform. Not only is the weather data accessible from The Kart Directory, but it will be accessible from Shenington’s website and during any Alpha Live Stream held at the circuit, with future plans to incorporate our data into timing systems such as Alpha Timing.

Since having the dedicated platform the support has grown considerably, mainly from the championships such as Super One Series and F100UK. It is always a pleasure to work with these greats within the sport. The Kart Directory, JMWForecast Limited and the Kartingforum.co.uk have continued to work closely together over recent months, ensuring we can bring you the user as much information as possible.

The Kart Directory has been reaching new heights week upon week. To aide this progress new features continued to get rolled out, with new fresh designs in order to host the quantity of information on display. Check out personal favourites below:

Kart Circuit Directory

Our directory has 40 listed circuits, and each of these circuits have the relevant club links, with detailed and up-to date weather information.

Kart Circuit Map

The circuit map has been created to display all the circuits on a Mapbox styled map. This features a rainfall radar, along with directions, map controls, full screen mode and geo-locate.

Race Events Calendar

Our Championships page features 9 championship series, which have all been added to our events calendar, along with calendars from Shenington and Whilton Mill. Let us know if you want to see events listed from your club/series.


Harry Yardley-Rose


Whilton Mill Kart Club

Alpha Live

Alpha Live and JMWForecast/Kart Directory began working together during the early stages of 2020. Alpha Live chose ourselves to be the weather supplier for their live stream events. We have found the most local weather stations to the circuits, this ensures the most accurate and up-to date information. A new feature is in development, to bring a radar overlay for those days which are full of scattered showers.

Karting Forum

The Karting Forum and The Kart Directory have worked together since the very start. The ultimate aim of the two websites is to bring a wealth of information to the karting community, without having to scroll through multiple Facebook pages or websites.

Karting Mania

Kart Mania is the UK’s Premier Kart Show which is hosted at Silverstone. Kart Mania hosts the ultimate event at the end of the year, with plenty of information to be found throughout the weekend.

J. A. Pell & Son Motorsport – 14th May 2020

Jordan and the team over at JMWForecast have always provided us with great data and resources, both on and off the track. A very informative, friendly and feature rich service which supplies us with detailed weather, track information and much more on request. We look forward to future updates and the continued development of their platform, which will help us prosper further. If you’d like to use JMWForecast in general or you would like Jordan to supply a tailored and bespoke solution, we cannot recommend these guys enough. Thanks JMWForecast – 10/10.

Les Latham, Melliosport Founder – 14th May 2020

I find the JMWForecast/Kart Directory site a great addition to the many web sites available for karting enthusiasts It is very clear and easy to use and is a great help in planning your weekends at your favourite track I use it to help prepare for race meetings in my capacity as an MUK Official, A member of the Jade Racing Team and to give advice on the British KZ2 Fan Page The circuit guide is also very useful to those newcomers to the sport.

Luke Austin, Alpha Live Founder – 19th June 2020

We have been using JMWF for some time now for forecasting the weather conditions to prepare for our events, working with a specialist motorsport forecaster helps us get accurate forecasts at the venues we regularly attend. Jordan has also been a great help with producing bespoke graphics for us to utilise within our live productions to help our audience understand the current event conditions, we would strongly recommend JMWForecast


Daniel Ricciardo Series