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Who Are We?

Founded in May 2020 by Jordan Montgomery, the Kart Directory’s first aim was to collect re-opening dates from circuits, to enable drivers and teams to head to the track when lockdown restrictions lifted. Once this service was up and running the content rapidly grew with a partnership with JMWForecast which involved taking over all the kart-related content, which had been growing since 2018, along with obtaining all the kart-related content weather data is also provided to the Kart Directory, which enables us to offer reliable weather information.

What's On Offer?


A list of respectable businesses for numerous categories, found in the menu bar.

Circuit Directory

The Circuit Directory features 40 circuits from across the United Kingdom, with quick access links which allow you to enter an event, see the entry lists, access live timing, and more. Along with providing an easy-to-understand weather forecast from JMWForecast.

Circuit Map

Heading to a circuit for the first time and need an indication on how to get there? Use our Circuit Map to help plan your journey. Built with MapBox.


A wide range of gear for marshals and officials are available with custom options, to make your clothing unique to you! Whether it be full waterproof gear or summer polo’s we have the ability to source and embroider any garment.

Events Calendar

Easy to navigate calendar containing all the information you require to be able to plan your season. Missing a series or club you take part in, let us know!

UK Championships

There are multiple championships that take place within the United Kingdom each and every year. With 13 listed championships there is one for you, check them out and find out more.

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